Paper / We are doomed

This happened while heavy listening “we are doomed” by The Melvins for more than a week.

46×31 cm, mixed media on rough paper.


Paper / Sunday you need love

Inks on rough 220 g paper.


Paper / Parachute

Ink, watercolors and coffe on heavy cotton paper.

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Paper / August trees

Ink and watercolors on coffee stained heavy cotton paper

Ink and watercolors on coffee stained heavy cotton paper

Paper / Untitled serie 01

29,7 x 42 cm each, ink and watercolors on coffee stained heavy cotton paper.


Commissions,Paper / The black Toad

Collective exhibition in Moscow – Russia, 297 × 420 mm, Ink and Watercolors on heavy cotton paper.
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Paper / Vs Ricky Butler

A long distance collaboration with Ricky Butler from Norwich, England. We made 6 pictures each, we gave it to eachother and drew on them.

- Exhibited at the Maffia Club in Reggio Emilia (Italy – March 15th to April 26th 2008)

- A piece appear in the INK 01 catalog – International Rally Illustration.

- An interview to me and Rick about this collaboration appear on design(Radar. (Italian language only)


Paper / Archive