03.09.2012 / Live painting at Paesaggi Sonori

Thanks to the guys at Frohike on Saturday 8 I’ll perform some live drawings at Paesaggi Sonori Festival.

01.07.2012 / FrizziFrizzi

I’ve reply to few questions on Frizzifrizzi, an online italian magazine. Italian language only.

7am | vivaUltra

23.02.2012 / A4God

I’m part of A4God a publication and a project about Eidolatria and Contemporary Drawing in Italy, curated by Marco Cendron and  Alessandro Cavallini of Studio POMO. Photo portraits by Alan Chies.

Take a look at all the artists involved and learn about future introductions and exhibitions.

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11.02.2012 / Split album Canide – The Great Saunites

A preview of the cover artwork I draw for the split album Canide / The Great Saunites.
A fine screenprinting work by  CORPOC.

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Original artwork, ink on heavy cotton paper

27.01.2012 / Letizia Caramia

An year ago Letizia Caramia asked me if she can use some of my drawings as inspiration to drawn some dresses. Obviously I said yes. She created a beautyfull collection for her degree and shown it at the Polimoda fashion show 2011 in Firenze, Italy, 07.06.2011. CorpoC has helped to print the dresses. Thank you Letizia.

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27.01.2012 / are we going? is this thing on? test, test, test, test, test, test…

Thanks to my friend Keep it Terron I finally have a new website. He said it suck but I like it. Thank you Claudio.